Benefits of installing the ManageEngine MDM app 

Enrollment is the first step for device management during which the ManageEngine MDM app or ME MDM app gets installed on the device. This acts as the agent for the MDM MSP server. For Apple and Windows device management, MDM MSP leverages the native MDM client already present on the devices, while in case of Android, the ME MDM app is mandatorily installed during device enrollment. However, having the ME MDM app installed on the device, provides a whole lot of additional features, apart from making the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use tabs available to the users.

The benefits of installing the ME MDM app on Android, iOS and Windows devices are given in the table below.

 Remote troubleshooting  Troubleshoot devices in real-time using remote control  (Android) / remote view (iOS).
 Geotracking*  Locate devices and maintain a record of the device locations.
 Geofencing  Create virtual perimeters to secure corporate data on the devices.
 Detect jailbroken or rooted devices  Secure corporate data by automatically detecting and removing such devices from the network.
 Securely view documents  View corporate documents distributed from MDM using the  built-in Document Viewer present in the ME MDM app.
 Securely view  e-mail attachments  ME MDM app's Document Viewer enables secure viewing of  e-mail attachments.

*ME MDM app is required to be installed only on devices running OS versions below Windows 10. This is not applicable for MDM MSP Cloud.

Note: For silent distribution to Windows devices, ME MDM app can be added to the App Repository by integrating the MDM MSP server with Windows Business Store.