Regular Updates

ManageEngine always concentrates on customer feedback, leading to regular product enhancements and new feature addition for the betterment of the product and ultimately the users. These enhancements are delivered to the users in the form of hotfixes, service packs and upgrade packs, which is notified to the users both through the server as well as through product newsletters. All hotfixes are tested for its quality and performance before it is released to all the customers on the day of release unless specified.

Customer Fixes

While these periodic updates are planned and released once in a month, any customer reported issues are given immediate attention and a fix is provided to the user as soon as possible. These customer fixes are not publicly announced as some may be very specific to a user environment. The support team keeps in constant touch with the customer to ensure the fix provided has resolved the reported problem. These fixes get integrated to our regular hotfix updates subsequently.

Security Updates

Security updates are released to fix critical issues affecting all users and/or making the server vulnerable to attacks. To know in detail about the security updates ´╗┐refer the below given points:

  • All critical security issues within Mobile Device Manager Plus(MDMP) <SP will be fixed and released to all the users within 5 working days.
  • Issues reported in 3rd party components, like Apache, used in Mobile Device Manager Plus(MDMP) MSP will be fixed within 10 working days. From our past experience, we find that these fixes require a deeper analysis and a longer testing period. Hence, we will provide a manual update first before integrating to our regular fixes/updates.