Android App Management

Android App Management

App Management for Android

This section will explain you the workflow of App management for Android devices.

Google Play Store Apps:

Apps that are designed for Android devices are listed here. 'Google Play store' has thousands of Apps, from which we can choose and upload Apps into the App Repository. You can also add free Apps to the App Repository which can be further distributed to the devices and groups. Refer this, to know more about adding Play Store Apps in the App Repository

Enterprise App for Android:

You can add an Enterprise App in the App Repository which can be distributed only to android devices. These Apps are added in the App Repository by uploading .apk file in the Mobile Device Manager Plus MDM. Refer this, to know more about adding Android Enterprise App in the App Repository.

App Wrapping for KNOX Containers:

App Wrapping is required to run apps only inside KNOX v1.0 containers, while it is not required for other versions of KNOX. Wrapping of Apps is primarily done to protect the original code of the app with a secure code and a new certificate to enable it to work in the container.

The App Wrapping service can be accessed when you login to Samsung's KNOX Portal Account. For more details on wrapping of apps, refer to the link given below:

The following behaviour takes place while distributing Wrapped and Unwrapped Apps to KNOX devices:

  1. For devices running KNOX v1.0, only Wrapped Apps can be installed on Containers, whereas for KNOX v2.0, Wrapped Apps cannot be installed inside both Device and Container and so the operation fails.
  2.  Unwrapped Apps cannot be installed inside KNOX 1.0 Containers. If you try to distribute Unwrapped App to a device running KNOX 1.0, then the App will be installed in the Device automatically. For KNOX v2.0 devices, Unwrapped Apps can be installed on both Device and Container.


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