Automation, Notification, Compliance and reports

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JAN 30th, 2018
11:30 EST | USA, UK, Canada and Mexico
Duration: 1Hour

In this session, you'll learn how to schedule configuration tasks such as backup, reporting etc., You'll also learn in-detail about configlets and how to use them for effective configuration management, how to stay compliant to industry standards, setting up alerts & notifications with Network Configuration Manager.

Your takeaway from this session:

  • Scheduling configuration tasks

    Schedule configuration tasks such as config upload, change upload, compliance reports or bulk actions.

  • CLI Configlets

    Use configlets to execute corrective actions for alerts.

  • Compliance (PCI and others)

    Stay compliance to industry standards of PCI, HIPAA, CISCO IOS Policy, SOX and more.

  • Notification & Alerts

    Be notified on config change, backup failure, compliance violation etc.,

  • Reports

    Pull reports for various criterias such as startup-running config sync, failed backups, change trends etc.,


  • Name : Hemalakshmi
  • Role : Product expert : Network Configuration Manager
  • Expertise : Product training, compliance handling, industry research
  • Experience : 3.5 yrs
  • Hobbies : Pet grooming, cooking and DIY projects

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