You can’t manage what you can’t see. Having a device level visualization is useless because most modern businesses are powered by data centers. To gain a competitive edge and to understand what your end users require, you need to visualize both, the racks and data centers.
ManageEngine OpManager Data Center Builder: With OpManager’s 3D Data Center Builder, you can virtually create an exact replica of your racks and data centers. You can embed the views of your designs on your NOC screens and monitor them 24x7. The 3D data center can also be viewed from iPad and other tablets. This helps you access your data center from your holiday spot or anywhere, anytime. Try the live demo of OpManager’s 3D Data Center Builder here -

How does OpManager’s Data Center Builder score over other documentation and design tools?

  • Design and Monitor - 3D Data Center Builder is bundled with OpManager so that you can design and monitor your data centers
  • Device Library - Simply drag and drop devices from the Library to design your racks
  • 3D Viewer - View the data center right from the monitoring tool (OpManager) and iPad anytime
  • Real-time Device Status - Get the status of all devices in real-time from anywhere

Realistic 3-D Data Center

  • Create realistic 3D data center floors with racks
  • Play the data center view on NOC screens
  • Customize the floor size, floor rotation and camera angles of the virtual 3D data center
  • Rely on the color-codes to quickly assess the status of devices and identify faults
  • Monitor from anywhere using your iPad or other tablets and troubleshoot remotely

Drag-and-Drop Rack Builder

  • Drag-n-drop devices to populate on virtual racks
  • Customize the rack size (42U, 38U, etc.) and device size (1U, 2U, etc.)
  • Embed the racks in OpManager dashboard and play it on your NOC screens
  • Quickly identify faults using the color-codes
  • Create both, front and rear view of the rack


Rack Rack

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