Scalability recommendations

Interface count 

We recommend monitoring up to 10000 interfaces in a single installation. If the count exceeds 10000, it will be efficient to increase the monitoring interval of those interfaces. Adding more interfaces will directly impact the overall performance of the product.


  1. Interfaces that have no data collection for the last 30 days will be automatically unmanaged and marked as 'Idle Interfaces' under the interfaces Inventory page.
  2. You can avoid the addition of unnecessary interfaces by choosing appropriate criteria and conditions in the interface Discovery page.

VLAN count

To avoid any hindrance in the performance of the product, OpManager limits the count of VLANs discovered to a maximum of 3,000. New VLANs will not be allowed to be discovered in OpManager post the specified limit.

Trap processing limit

To avoid any performance degradation in OpManager, the number of traps to be processed per hour is limited to a maximum of 50,000. If this threshold is breached, OpManager stops processing traps for a temporary period.

Recommendations for Availability and Performance monitors

Based on the monitor type/protocol being used with the performance monitor, these are the maximum advisable number of monitors for a single installation:

Protocol/Monitor type Max Number of Monitors Per Installation
Device Availability Monitoring 1000
SNMP 5000
WMI (including Application Monitors) 4000
CLI 2500
VMware 10000
HyperV 5000
Xen 5000

Overall, the maximum number of monitors per installation is 20000 including interface monitors.


  • Adding more monitors than the numbers suggested above will directly impact the performance of OpManager. If it is required to add more monitor than this, then the polling interval of that monitor must be increased accordingly in order to balance the load on the OpManager server.
  • Netflow rate and Firewall log rate will have an impact on OpManager's load.

OpManager Enterprise Edition

OpManager Enterprise Edition monitors multiple remote sites using OpManager Central and probe servers. The maximum number of devices monitored by OpManager Enterprise Edition, maximum number of probes supported, etc. are discussed below.

Maximum number of devices monitored 10,000


Maximum number of probes supported 100

If you need to monitor more than 10,000 network devices or more than 100 remote locations, please contact our support team at