VLAN discovery in OpManager:

Go to Device Snapshot page > select a network device. Click on the menu icon present in the right corner for more actions > VLANs > Discover VLANs

Note: VLAN discovery can be done only in Switch and Router category devices.

VLAN enabled interfaces will be discovered only if the SNMP agent responds to the following OIDs:

List of OIDs used for VLAN discovery :

. - To check the VLAN implementation we are checking BRIDGE.MIB oid.

For Cisco devices:

  • VLANIndex - .
  • VLANName - .
  • VLANStatus - .
  • VLANIndexVSIFIndex -.

For Non Cisco devices:

  • VLANIndex - .
  • VLANName - .
  • VLANStatus - .
  • PortIfIndex - .

Tables used :

  • ManagedObject
  • VlanInfo
  • VlanInfoMappingDetails

Not supported : Device doesn't have SNMP credentials. Also as of now SNMP v3 is not supported.

Possible reasons for failed VLAN discovery :

  • Credential may not be passed.
  • Device has been categorized as a non Router/Switch category
  • Above mentioned oids failed to respond
  • Bulk SNMP query disable in snmp agent

In case of issue in VLAN discovery, below details are required for analysis:

  • Enable Debug prints under system settings.
  • Disable SNMP logs if enabled.
  • Shutdown OpManager. Clear logs folder. Start OpManager.
  • Discover VLANs, wait for a while because VLAN discovery may be running in the background.
  • Then stop OpManager and zip the logs and send to us.
  • Mibbrowser output needed for the oids.


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