VLAN discovery in OpManager:

Go to Device Snapshot page > select a network device. Click on the menu icon present in the right corner for more actions > VLANs > Discover VLANs

Note: VLAN discovery can be done only in Switch and Router category devices.

VLAN enabled interfaces will be discovered only if the SNMP agent responds to the following OIDs:

List of OIDs used for VLAN discovery :

. - To check the VLAN implementation we are checking BRIDGE.MIB oid.

For Cisco devices:

  • VLANIndex - .
  • VLANName - .
  • VLANStatus - .
  • VLANIndexVSIFIndex -.

For Non Cisco devices:

  • VLANIndex - .
  • VLANName - .
  • VLANStatus - .
  • PortIfIndex - .

Tables used :

  • ManagedObject
  • VlanInfo
  • VlanInfoMappingDetails

Not supported : Device doesn't have SNMP credentials. Also as of now SNMP v3 is not supported.

Possible reasons for failed VLAN discovery :

  • Credential may not be passed.
  • Device has been categorized as a non Router/Switch category
  • Above mentioned oids failed to respond
  • Bulk SNMP query disable in snmp agent

VLANs help admins to restrict a few users by created sorted workstations. VLAN Monitoring tools raise timely alerts helping you fix issues quickly before they affect the end user. The VLAN discovery tool identifies new VLAN monitor and helps you perform effective VLAN monitoring.

In case of issue in VLAN discovery, below details are required for analysis:

  • Enable Debug prints under system settings.
  • Disable SNMP logs if enabled.
  • Shutdown OpManager. Clear logs folder. Start OpManager.
  • Discover VLANs, wait for a while because VLAN discovery may be running in the background.
  • Then stop OpManager and zip the logs and send to us.
  • Mibbrowser output needed for the oids.


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