Adding New Process Template

Process templates helps you to select the processes that are running on a device, convert each of them into individual templates and apply all of them across multiple devices. To add a new process template,

  1. Go to Admin-> Process Templates.
  2. Click Add New. Add New Template window opens.
  3. Device Name: Select the device which runs the process(es) that needs to be converted into template(s).
  4. Protocol: Select the relevant protocol to access the device.
  5. Configure the correct credentials. Note: If new credential settings have to be configured, then click New button.
  6. Click Next. All the processes that are currently running on the device are listed along with their ID, Path and Arguments.
  7. Select the required process(es).
  8. Click Add. Associate process Template Window opens.
  9. From the listed devices, select and move the required devices.
  10. Click Associate.
The selected processes are converted into templates and associated across multiple devices.

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