Business Views

OpManager (from build 7000 onwards) comes with an in-built flash-based MapMaker. No more hassles of invoking a separate tool to create business views.

Click the small down arrow in the Maps tab or simply mouse-over. The default maps, with options to add more maps are seen.


Adding Views:

  1. From the pop-up in the Maps tab, click Add Business View option.
  2. Configure a name for the business view.
  3. From the available devices list, select the devices you want to be grouped in this business view, and move them to the right- to the Selected Devices column,
  4. Select the background from the corresponding list box.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. Drop the devices on the map and click on the confirmation check-box that appears.
  7. Once the devices are dropped on the map, select and drag-drop the devices to be placed in the required location on the map.
  8. Click Save button on the left to create and save the map.
  9. Click Exit to see the newly created business view. You will also find the availability dashboard for the devices in the business view.

Drawing a Link Between Devices


To represent the network diagram in the map, OpManager allows you to draw links between the devices in a business view. You can assign a meaningful name to the link and also configure to change the color of the link to indicate its status.

To draw a link, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click the Add Link button on the left.
  2. From the map on the right, click the device from which you want to draw a link (the source device) and move the mouse to the destination device and click that device. A link properties dialog pops up.
  3. Configure a display name for the link.
  4. In the Get Status from field, select any interface from either the source device or the destination device. The link will inherit the status of the interface that you choose here. For instance, if the source device goes down, and if you have selected an interface from that device, the link also inherits the status of that device.
  5. Select the line type and size.
  6. Deselect the Show Arrow check box if you don't want to show the traffic arrows.
  7. Click Apply.
  8. Click Save on the left to save the changes.

Modifying Business Views


You can make changes to the business views created. Access the business view either from the Maps tab or from the list of views under the Home tab. Click the Edit icon to modify the view properties. After you modify the properties like adding/removing links, adding more devices to the view, adding shortcuts on the view, changing background etc, click the Save button on the left to save the changes.


Adding Shortcuts


You can add shortcut icons to business views that helps you to drill-down the network. This helps you to easily navigate to a view from another view when objects are grouped based on their geographical location.


Note: You must have created atleast two business views to be able to add a shortcut from one view to another.

Here are the steps to add shortcuts on the business views:

  1. Go the the business view and click the Edit option on right-top corner of the view.
  2. Click the Add Shortcut button on the left. A shortcut properties dialog pops up.
  3. Configure a name for the shortcut in the Shortcut Name field.
  4. From the Open Submap list-box, select the map which should be opened when you click the shortcut.
  5. Select the icon to be used for the shortcut from the Default Icons or select from the Custom Icon combo-box.
  6. Click Apply for the shortcut to be added.
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