Discovering Networks Using OpManager


You can discover devices on a network by either specifying a range or the entire network

OpManager uses ICMP/Nmap to discover the devices on a network.


Discover a range


To discover devices from a selected range specify the start and end ip address and select the netmask for the devices to be discovered within that range.

  1. Click the Admin tab.
  2. Under Discovery, select Discover Devices.
  3. Use IP Range: Select this option to specify the range.
  4. Start IP: Specify the IP address of the device in the range from where OpManager should start discovery.
  5. End IP: Specify the IP address till which OpManager should discover.
  6. Netmask: Select the correct netmask.
  7. Discovery Credentials: Select the configured Credentials to be used for discovery.
  8. Advanced SNMP Settings: Click here to configure an increase SNMP timeout or SNMP retries.
Discover a complete network
  1. Use CIDR: Select this option to discover an entire network.
  2. Network IP: Specify the Network IP to be discovered.
  3. Credentials: Select the credentials and SNMP settings as mentioned above.
  4. Click Discovery for the discovery to start.
OpManager supports discovering Hyper-V hosts and VMs using CIDR.

Discover by Importing from a file


You can import a set of IP addresses for discovery from a csv file.

  1. Create a csv file (as shown below) with the details of name/ipaddress of the device, displayname and device type.
    csv file screeshot
  2. Browse and select the CSV file from which you want the devices discovered and imported.
  3. Select the Device Name/IP, Display Name and Device Type columns in the CSV file and click OK.
    discover devices from csv
  4. Provide the correct netmask.

Import the Devices into OpManager


All the discovered devices are listed category-wise.

  1. Click Import Devices to add all the devices for monitoring.
  2. Click Finish once the devices are added.


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