Integrating with ITPulse

About ITPulse

ITPulse is a private social network built exclusively for IT. With ITPulse, you can start discussions, and share articles and videos.

Benefits of this integration:

Any alarm that a technician acknowledges, unacknowledges, or clears, it is automatically posted on ITPulse wall. Other IT team members can know the status and can also discuss on the alarm or view its details from ITPulse itself, by clicking on the alarm link.

Configure ITPulse settings

Prerequiste: Create a login for the user in ITPulse

  1. Mouseover Admin link available on the top right corner and select Map ITPulse Account
  2. Enter the email ID address and password.
  3. Click Save button.

That's it you have mapped the user's OpManager and ITPulse accounts. It has to be done similarly for every other user in OpManager.

How to video:

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