Integrating with DeviceExpert


OpManager can seamlessly integrate with the DeviceExpert, a network change and configuration management solution for network devices. The configurations of devices like routers, switches, and firewalls can be managed using this solution. When integrating with OpManager, you can monitor the devices and their resources for performance, and also manage changes and configurations across these devices.


To view the configuration and the changes from OpManager,


  1. DeviceExpert must be up and running in your network

  2. The network devices whose changes you want to monitor must be discovered in both, OpManager and DeviceExpert.

  3. The DeviceExpert settings must be configured properly in OpManager


Configure DeviceExpert Settings


To configure the DeviceExpert Settings in OpManager


  1. Copy the file server.keystore from /DeviceExpert/conf folder to a folder on your local machine.

  2. From OpManager WebClient, select Admin tab and click on Add-On/Products Settings

  3. Click DeviceExpert Settings link in this screen

  4. Type the following DeviceExpert server details:

    1. Server Name
    2. Port (default is 6060)
    3. Browse and select the server.keystore file copied to the local machine.
    4. User Name
    5. Password
    6. Hit Test Connection and Save option to verify the integration.


After configuring the settings, you can follow the steps given below to see the detailed reports:

  1. Go to the snapshot page of the Router/Switch/Firewall

  2. From the Device Info menu, select Startup Configuration to see the initial configuration of the device.

  3. From the same menu, select Running Configuration to see the runtime configuration changes made to the device.




What to do when you encounter an error message 'Unable to fetch values from DeviceExpert, The server might not be running or the network traffic may be too high' when configuring the DeviceExpert details in OpManager:


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