Integrating with Firewall Analyzer


OpManager can seamlessly integrate with Firewall Analyzer, a web-based Firewall Log Analysis & Reporting Tool. Integrating OpManager with Firewall Analyzer allows you to monitor your Server's Security, Traffic, & Bandwidth utilization in depth.


To view the detail traffic and security reports from Firewall Analyzer, the prerequisites are,

  1. Firewall Analyzer must be up and running in your network

  2. The firewall whose logs you would like to analyze must be available in both, OpManager and Firewall Analyzer. That is, configure your firewalls to forward syslog messages to the server running Firewall Analyzer. These firewalls should be discovered in OpManager for monitoring.

  3. The Firewall Analyzer settings must be configured properly in OpManager.


Configure Firewall Analyzer Settings


To configure the Firewall Analyzer Settings in OpManager

  1. Click Admin tab, click Add-On/Products Settings

  2. Click Firewall Analyzer Settings icon in this screen

  3. Type the following Firewall Analyzer server details:

    1. Server Name
    2. Port (default is 8500)
    3. User Name
    4. Password
    5. Select the Polling Interval in minutes
  4. Test and save the settings by clicking on Test Connection and Save button.


After configuring the settings, you can follow the steps given below to see the detailed reports:

  1. Go to the Firewalls map

  2. Click the required Firewall icon in this map to see its snapshot page

  3. From the Reports menu on the right in the snapshot page, select any of the following options to view the respective reports:

    1. Traffic Reports
    2. Security Reports
    3. Custom Reports
    4. All Reports


Detailed reports retrieved from Firewall Analyzer are shown based on the reports selected.

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