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With the growing need for the network monitoring software in the IT industry, OpManager has been built to satisfy the needs of network administrators by monitoring servers, routers, switches, firewalls, printers, critical services and applications from a single console.


Network Monitoring Software


ManageEngine OpManager is a comprehensive network monitoring software that provides the network administrators with an integrated console for managing routers, firewalls, servers, switches, and printers. OpManager offers extensive fault management and performance management functionality. It provides handy but powerful Customizable Dashboards and CCTV views that display the immediate status of your devices, at-a-glance reports, business views etc. OpManager also provides a lot of out-of-the-box graphs and reports, which give a wealth of information to the network administrators about the health of their networks, servers and applications.


OpManager's network monitoring functionality includes the following:


Network Monitoring: OpManager discovers switches, routers and firewalls in the network during the network discovery automatically and monitors the critical parameters such as the traffic rate, error and discards rate, buffer hits and misses and so on. You can get the availability report of each port and interface. Using the Switch Port Mapper tool, you can get the list of devices connected to each port of the switch. You can also create your own views and draw the diagram to virtually represent your network and get the availability of the interfaces visually.


Server Monitoring: OpManager allows you to classify devices as servers and desktops. This facilitates separating critical servers from end-user workstations and allows for more meaningful management. You can manage Windows Event Logs and Windows Services.


Cisco IPSLA Monitoring: OpManager allows you to monitor the performance of your VoIP networks with the Cisco IPSLA monitor. The Cisco IPSLA monitor is add-on feature and monitors the various parameter like Latency, Jitter, MoS etc.


WAN Monitoring: OpManager provides complete solutions for monitoring your WAN links. It checks for RTT, Latency and availability between the WAN links. The WAN monitor comes as an add-on feature.

VMware/Hyper-V Monitoring: OpManager out-of-the-box monitors VMware and Hyper-V servers. It monitors VMware servers via native APIs provided by VMware and Hyper-V servers via WMI. All the VMware and Hyper-V hosts and VMs are grouped under Virtualization tab.


Applications and Services Monitoring: OpManager discovers and actively monitors services and applications running in the servers. Out-of-the-box support is provided for services such as Web, HTTPS, FTP, IMAP, LDAP, Telnet, MySQL, MS-Exchange, SMTP, POP3, WebLogic, etc., and applications such as MSSQL, MS Exchange, Oracle and Lotus. Special add-ons are available for monitoring Exchange 2000/2003/2007 and Active Directory Services.


URL Monitoring: OpManager monitors your Web sites, both global URLs and URLs in the servers, and promptly notifies you when the host becomes unavailable.

Script Monitoring: OpManager monitors the output of the custom scripts you execute on the devices and raise alarm accordingly. OpManager parses the output of the custom scripts and verifies it with the configured threshold condition. If the threshold is violated an alarm is raised and the same is notified via the associated notification profile.


Fault Management: OpManager provides extensive solutions for monitoring Syslogs, Eventlogs and current Processes running on the devices. OpManager detects faults in the network through periodical status polling and generates color-coded alarms for the faults. OpManager can also be configured to notify the administrator about the fault detected in the network.


Performance Management: OpManager measures the performance of the network hardware and software, such as the bandwidth, memory, disk and CPU utilization, and service response time by collecting data at regular intervals. These data are provided in the form of reports and graphs to the administrators. The threshold limits can be configured to pro-actively monitor the critical parameters in the managed devices.

IT Automation Workflows: OpManager helps you automate repeated IT actions with Workflow. Workflow works on if-else based conditions which execute a set of actions when the given condition is satisfied, else executes another set of actions. However, you can also execute actions without any condition.

REST API: OpManager offers REST APIs for adding and fetching data from OpManager. Using these APIs, you can script the interactions or integrate 3rd party IT management/service desk software with OpManager.

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