Using a Run Command Notification Profile


You can configure OpManager to automatically run a system command whenever a fault is detected in the device. For instance, you can configure OpManager to execute a netsend command to send popup messages to users machines whenever a specific type of an alarm is raised for a device.


To create a profile that executes the specified program, follow the steps given below :


  1. Select Admin --> Notification Profiles
  2. Click Add New option against Run System Command.
  3. Type the profile name.
  4. In the Command String field, specify the command name with additional arguments if any.
  5. Select the Err Append and Append check-boxes to append the output and the error message on executing the command.
  6. Save the profile.
  7. Associate the profile to devices.

The system command is executed with the specified arguments whenever a fault matching the selected criteria occurs.


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