Certis Europe increases visibility of IT estate, cuts help-desk calls by 30 per cent

Applications Manager from ManageEngine helps ensure high availability and performance for business applications, and supports Certis' remote working policy by ensuring virtual servers and applications have high uptime

London, UK. - July 9, 2013 - Certis Europe, an established crop protection business, today announces it has cut inbound help-desk enquiries by 30 per cent, as a result of deploying Applications Manager from ManageEngine, the real-time IT management company. Applications Manager, ManageEngine's server and application performance monitoring software, has enabled Certis Europe to proactively track and automatically troubleshoot IT problems from a single central location, dramatically reducing both downtime and network disruption.

Applications Manager provides Certis's centrally located ICT team with a holistic view of IT assets, giving them the ability to track performance from both the end-user perspective and at a detailed infrastructure level, all from a central customisable dashboard

Certis' ICT staff are now able to proactively monitor sales-critical applications for potential problems and take action in advance of a issue appearing to an end user. With an end to end view of application performance, Certis Europe can quickly and easily generate real-time performance reports, notify the ICT team of potential weak points in the network and take automated remedial actions to restore performance. In the event that an issue occurs over the weekend, or outside of the ICT team's control, Applications Manager also has the ability to automatically restart critical applications itself, ensuring applications and the organisation's virtual servers have high uptime.

The application performance management capability includes application monitoring, database monitoring, web services monitoring, virtualisation monitoring, cloud monitoring and an array of other application management capabilities that will help IT administrators manage their resources effectively.

Guido Thonissen, ICT manager, Certis Europe, said: "Our range of crop protection technologies support growers from soil preparation through to harvest, right across Europe. Even the shortest downtime can bring sales operations to a standstill, especially since many of our employees rely on remote access to our systems and servers. We therefore needed a service that could monitor the various end points within our company in real-time and present them clearly in one customisable dashboard. ManageEngine's Applications Manager does exactly that, and at a fraction of the cost of the other solutions. Not only does it allow us to keep an eye on our IT applications, but it's also very easy to use, including the initial set-up. We have saved a great deal of time and resources troubleshooting issues using Applications Manager and as a result we've also achieved a 30 per cent reduction in the number of help-desk calls received by the team here."

Before switching to Applications Manager, Certis' infrastructure was contained in a data centre but standardised and run on various servers with over 200 users accessing the information from their office locations, homes and hotels across Europe.

David Howell, European director, ManageEngine, said: "We are dedicated to helping simplify the jobs of IT teams across the globe, with minimal investment of time and money. Real-time management of IT is now a key consideration for businesses looking to ensure high performance across their IT environment, and this is even more important when it comes to virtualised networks. Because it monitors in real-time, our Applications Manager solution can identify, troubleshoot and resolve IT issues before they affect end users, keeping levels customer service high and maintaining customer loyalty."

About Certis Europe

Certis Europe includes operating units in France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain and UK, as well as BCP Certis. It also has close links with Certis USA and Spiess-Urania.

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