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Database Monitoring

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Applications Manager is a database server monitoring tool that can help monitor a heterogeneous database server environment that may consist of Oracle databases, MS SQL, Sybase, IBM DB2 and MySQL databases. It also helps database administrators (DBAs) and system administrators by notifying potential database performance problems. For database server monitoring, Applications Manager connects to the database and ensures it is up. Applications Manager is also an agentless monitoring tool that executes database queries to collect performance statistics and send alarms, if the database performance crosses a given threshold. With its out-of-the box reports, DBAs can plan inventory requirements and troubleshoot incidents quickly.

Database Server Monitoring Software Needs to

  • Ensure high availability of database servers
  • Keep tabs on the database size, buffer cache size, database connection time
  • Analyze the number of user connections to the databases at various times
  • Analyze usage trends
  • Help take actions proactively before critical incidents occur

Applications Manager supports the monitoring of the following databases out-of-the-box:

"We are using ManageEngine® Applications Manager to monitor server health and availability along with database health. The alarm systems warn us ahead if the health is on its way to becoming critical. The reports help us observe the trend over a period of time. This program has helped us a lot by keeping a check on all of our systems at an affordable cost."

T.J. Gainey
Network Admin
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Oracle Monitoring includes efficient and complete monitoring of performance, availability, and usage statistics for Oracle databases. It also includes instant notifications of errors and corrective actions. Provides comprehensive reports and graphs. More on Oracle Management >>

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MySQL Management

MySQL is the most popular open source relational database system. Applications Manager MySQL Monitoring includes managing MySQL as part of your IT infrastructure, by diagnosing performance problems in real time. More on MySQL Management >>

MS SQL Server Management

Microsoft SQL Server is the enterprise database solution used most commonly on Windows. Applications Manager manages MS SQL Server databases through native Windows performance management interfaces. This ensures optimal and complete access to all the metrics that MS SQL Server exposes. More on MS SQL Management>>

DB2 Management

DB2 Monitoring includes effective monitoring of availability and performance of DB2 Databases with ease. Applications Manager facilitates automated and on-demand monitoring tasks, which will help manage DB2 databases run at its highest levels of performance. More on DB2 Management>>

Sybase Management

Availability and Performance of Sybase ASE Database servers are monitored by Applications Manager. Performance Metrics such as memory usage, connection statistics are monitored More on Sybase Management>>

PostgreSQL Management

Availability and Performance of PostgreSQL Database servers are monitored by Applications Manager. Performance Metrics shown include memory usage, buffer statistics, query statistics, transaction details, etc. More on PostgreSQL Management>>

Memcached Management

Applications Manager monitors availability and performance of critical Memcached servers. This helps IT administrators quickly identify and resolve problems with caching systems. More on Memcached Management>>

MongoDB Management

MongoDB is a NoSQL database designed for ease of development and scalability to support massive data processing and storage. Applications Manager features graphs, custom dashboards and automated alerts to track performance and resource utilization of your MongoDB systems from a centralized console. More on MongoDB Management>>

Cassandra Database Management

Applications Manager enables comprehensive Cassandra performance monitoring. You can collect statistical data from all JVMs in a cluster and key performance metrics like memory utilizations statistics, task statistics of thread pools, storage statistics, CPU usage, operation performance, latency, and pending tasks. More on Cassandra Database Management>>

Redis Database Management

Applications Manager?s Redis monitoring capability lets users gain in-depth visibility into statistical data of key performance metrics like Memory utilization & connection statistics, keyspace statistics, persistence and replication details. More on Redis Database Management>>