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Database Monitoring

Organizations today rely on intuitive database monitoring for optimal performance of their business-critical applications. While most database monitoring tools generate notifications in case of performance issues, an ideal database monitoring tool will not only alert you but will also provide comprehensive insight into the root cause of the issues and help you troubleshoot them quickly.

Applications Manager is the preferred Database monitoring system of thousands of admins for all round database performance management and to ensure uninterrupted business service delivery.

  • Get started with your database performance monitoring in minutes. Automatically discover, categorize, and start monitoring your RDBMS, NoSQL, in-memory, distributed and big data stores in no time.
  • In-depth metric collection for comprehensive database monitoring. Troubleshoot faster with code level insights.
  • One of the best database monitoring solutions available in the market that enables informed decision making through intelligent analytics.

Real time Database Monitoring Software

Database Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Database Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Database Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager
 Database Monitoring Software - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Applications Manager's database monitor offers deep visibility into the key performance indicators of databases to make sure admins understand the status of their database performance at any given time, tune their databases based on the received insights, and detect any database anomaly before users get affected. Leverage the real time database monitoring capabilities to monitor database attributes that are critical to your business operations and visualize them on a custom dashboard.

  • CPU utilization
  • Memory utilization
  • Connection Statistics
  • Buffer Cache details
  • Query performance
  • Resource pools
  • User sessions
  • Dead lock details
  • System and user errors

With Applications Manager's database performance monitoring tool, automatically discover databases called using the following technologies:

DB Performance Monitor - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Drill down to SQL statements to monitor database calls

Deep dive into how efficient your database response is for individual web transactions. Keep track of the database response time to execute background transactions in your applications, ones that are spawned in background threads. The database performance monitor can pinpoint slow SQL statements hindering optimal application performance, and allow users to analyse error traces and resolve database performance issues before they impact your business. Get detailed performance metrics to identify slow database calls, database usage, and overall performance of the database furnished with detailed graphical and tabular representations.

Database Performance Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Database Monitoring Solutions

Advanced analytics for comprehensive database performance management

Applications Manager's DB monitoring capabilities offers numerous analytical capabilities to measure and track database utilization as well as database performance trends. While capacity planning reports allow admins to understand database utilization statistics and plan resource upgrades, the forecast reports make use of Machine Learning algorithms to predict database utilization trends in the foreseeable future. Reports are also customizable, meaning admins can create and schedule their own reports while also choosing to export them in pdf, csv forms or publish them on an external dashboard.

Database Monitoring System - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Supported database technologies:

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