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Prevent Data Leaks

Cloud technology is highly adopted for file and data storage as it can be accessed from anywhere. When all the company related information is hosted in the cloud, constant monitoring and auditing are necessary to avoid unnecessary data access, which could lead to leaking of business critical data.' To simplify auditing and monitoring of cloud environment, it is necessary to use purpose-built tools like O365 Manager Plus.

Tips to avoid data leak:

  • Experts suggest that when sensitive information is retrieved by users, the administrator must ensure that it is being retrieved for legitimate reasons. You can use OneDrive for Business reports provided by O365 Manager Plus to keep a close eye on user activities on OneDrive for Business.
  • It is important to note that, intruders not only try to retrieve sensitive files but might also try to implant wrong information by editing the file data, or may also try to duplicate, rename or share files to create chaos. O365 Manager Plus provides you detailed reports for every possible user action on OneDrive for Business.
  • The most common way for gaining access to internal data is through anonymous links. Intruders send such malicious links through mails, which when clicked allows them to access company data. With O365 Manager Plus audit your safe link policies and attachment policies from time to time, to make sure things are in place. Any modifications to these policies might be a sign of an attack.
  • Hackers constantly look for weak points to get what they need. Weak passwords are always the most vulnerable points that pave way for data breaching. Multi-factor authentication techniques demanding complex passwords are always a good start. Use O365 Manager Plus Password Reports to identify the password status of users and ensure that they comply with best password practices.
  • According to experts, the most number of high-level data breaches that had happened so far point back to external consultants. Hence it is high time you start monitoring anomalous login behaviour of users. O365 Manager Plus provides you recent logon failure report which lists the recent failed logon attempts which are a sign of brute force attack to get access to internal data.

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