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Office 365 Management and Reporting

Office 365 Reporting and Compliance Management

Microsoft Office 365 is the backbone of collaboration and communication for many cloud-based enterprises. So, IT teams need to have precise and comprehensive data on all of its aspects. However, Office 365's built-in reports are basic and seldom provide real insight into how Exchange Online and other components of Office 365 are being used.

O365 Manager Plus is an extensive web-based reporting solution for Office 365. It consolidates data from Exchange Online, Skype for Business, and other Office 365 components into detailed reports to give you complete visibility of your Office 365 environment.

List of O365 Manager Plus Reports

Exchange Online Mailboxes

Monitor mailbox usage in detail, analyze mailbox size versus allocated quota, view OWA user logon details, and identify inactive mailboxes.

Exchange Online Mail Traffic

Identify top senders and receivers and monitor mailbox security with details on top spam and malware recipients.

Skype for Business

See how your employees are using Skype for Business with details on client devices, peer-to-peer sessions, conferences details, and more.

Azure Active Directory

Get a complete inventory of the security groups, distribution lists, users, contacts, and licenses in your Azure environment.

Admin Activity Reports

Keep track of activities performed by Exchange, SharePoint, and Azure admins with information on who performed what action and when.

OneDrive for Business Reports

Keep track of user activities on files in OneDrive for Business by gathering real-time information on uploads, downloads, accesses, modifications, and more.

Powerful Customization


Customize, Export, and Schedule

You can customize your reports with built-in filters and export them in various formats or schedule them to be delivered to your inbox.


Embeddable Reports and Dashboard

Embed individual reports or the entire dashboard in another webpage or wiki to easily share information across teams.


Delegate Office 365 Reporting

Securely delegate Office 365 reporting tasks to help desk technicians and IT staff without giving them full access to the Office 365 admin center.

A holistic Office 365 management and reporting solution
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