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Mobile Device Vulnerability

Office 365 is the most chosen go-to option for a cloud-based working environment. It enables users to work on the go with mobile devices. Allowing mobile devices to access the cloud, brings with itself, its own set of risks. Hence you have to constantly monitor such devices to keep the security of Office 365 in check. This is where native Office 365 reports fall short.

O365 Manager Plus' reports on mobile devices let you monitor mobile devices easily. You can get details on allowed mobile devices, mobile device policies applied, inactive devices, device access state, and more.

The reports on mobile devices include Mobile Devices Report, Mobile Devices by OS Report, Mobile Devices by Clients Report, Inactive ActiveSync Devices Report, and more.

How to find a unauthorized mobile access?

Interlopers might use jail-breaking or routing to gain access to user accounts from an unauthorised mobile device. This has to curbed on time to avoid dire consequences. O365 Manager Plus, provides you Mobile Devices Report which gives you device ID, IMEI number, and other details on devices used to access Office 365. Comparing these details with Devices by Access State Report, which lists you which are all the allowed and blocked devices, you can find out the blocked devices which have gained access to Office 365 illicitly.

You can automate these reports to be generated at designated intervals and emailed to the administrator. You can even create your own report with required parameters to find out unauthorized mobile accesses.

To know how to create your own report, click here

Read about Mobile Devices Report to know more.


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