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Simplify Office 365 auditing

Audit user activities in Exchange Online, Azure AD, OneDrive for Business, and other Office 365 services.

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With O365 Manager Plus, you can:

  • Audit changes in Exchange Online
  • Audit Azure Active Directory changes
  • Audit changes in OneDrive for Business
  • Audit configuration changes in
    Microsoft Teams

Audit changes in Exchange Online

  • View the accesses and changes made to mailboxes by administrators, delegates, mailbox owners, and non-owners.
  • Keep track of user and administrator activities in Exchange Online groups, including group delegations, emails sent from shared mailboxes, etc. 
  • Know what activities were performed on which contacts and public folders.
  • Audit important components of Exchange Online, including focused inbox, anti-malware/spam folders, public folders, and advanced threat protection settings. 
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Audit Azure Active Directory changes

  • Failed logon attempts due to an invalid username or password.
  • Changes made to passwords and licenses. 
  • Recently created, modified, or deleted user accounts and groups.
  • Group membership changes.
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Audit changes in OneDrive for Business.

  • Files created, modified, deleted, renamed, or moved. You also get details on who did what and when.
  • Sharing invitations—both accepted and rejected. 
  • Created, accepted, and deleted file access requests.
  • Partially and fully downloaded and uploaded files. View the synced devices, and more.
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Audit configuration changes in Microsoft Teams.

  • Better understand team dynamics by auditing the teams and channels in your organization. 
  • Track every setting change made to the team, the channel, or the organization.
  • See the bots added to or removed from your organization. 
  • Receive alerts on the changes that you deem critical.
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Audit with O365 Manager Plus. Overcome the limitations of native auditing tools.  

Gain complete visibility into what's going on in your Office 365 environment, including Exchange Online,
SharePoint Online, Azure AD, and OneDrive for Business. 

  • Checked-in/checked-out OneDrive files.
  • Auditing changes in Azure AD licenses. 
  • Generate the non-owner
    mailbox access audit report. 
  • Help desk audit reports. 

Select business or non-business hours to granularly audit when the OneDrive files were checked-out. 


Export reports in CSV, XLS, PDF, or HTML format.

Checked-in/checked-out OneDrive files.

Know the number of user licenses that have been applied, modified, or revoked for user accounts, and view relevant details on them. 


Filter data based on multiple parameters by adding or removing columns.

Auditing changes in Azure AD licenses.

Select the desired attributes including mailbox UserPrincipalName, affected items, and client ID, and set up filters to view the exact data you need in the reports. 

Generate the non-owner mailbox access audit report.

Audit activities of delegates in your Office 365 setup with this granular report.

Help desk audit reports.

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