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A DevOps environment comprises of various servers and applications that require frequent access to privileged systems to carry out routine tasks without human supervision. Organizations typically address this access requirement by storing privileged credentials in plaintext within script files. These credentials often remain unchanged for long periods in order to avoid breakages within the continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. This results in DevOps environments being exempt from password policies and other security measures that impede speed and agility.

Hardcoded credentials and the absence of password security within DevOps systems are a huge vulnerabilities for an organization. A malicious insider with access to credentials in plaintext can establish and expand their foothold across the IT infrastructure, posing a huge risk of data theft. The very nature of DevOps—with speed and agility at its core—complicates enforcement of security, meaning traditional security practices are often not a good fit for DevOps.

PAM360 helps IT administrators solve the problem of embedded credentials by facilitating integration with various CI/CD platforms. This integration lets processes and applications securely fetch credentials from PAM360's repository and carry out the required operations, automating and orchestrating access provisioning, granular control, and auditing without compromising on speed and agility.

Eliminate credential hardcoding via dedicated plugins

PAM360 offers plugins for various CI/CD tools that help organizations restore security in their DevOps environments. These plugins eliminate the need for hardcoding within script files, enabling processes and applications to fetch credentials from PAM360's vault without manual intervention.

Implement strict password governance without compromising on agility

PAM360's compatibility with CI/CD tools makes it easy for IT teams to administer password security best practices to their DevOps environment. Once integrated, applications and processes within the DevOps pipeline can securely retrieve credentials of privileged systems without plaintext exposure. PAM360 also allows IT administrators to define access control and approval policies for DevOps systems, ensuring that no more than the required privileges are given. Furthermore, elimination of hardcoding means that privileged systems in association with DevOps can now be subjected to password rotation best practices without any fear of breakage or process interruptions.

Achieve versatile credential security across multiple automation platforms

PAM360 currently offers plugins for the following DevOps tools—Jenkins, Ansible, Chef, and Puppet. This allows enterprises to incorporate a security-first approach in their DevOps environments via stringent credential sharing and access control workflows, regardless of the type of automation platform used.

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