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Security Updates

  • How do I find out my Build number?
  • 1 Log in to the ADAudit Plus web console, and click License in the top pane.
  • 2 You will find the build number mentioned below the product version. This is the current build number of ADAudit Plus.


XSS vulnerability in the username field (CVE-2023-37308) fixed | ADAudit Plus

Vulnerability details
Severity Medium
CVE ID CVE-2023-37308
Affected software versions Builds 7091 and below [How to find your build number?]
Fixed version Build 7100
Fixed on December 28, 2022


CVE-2023-37308 refers to a XSS vulnerability in username field reported in ManageEngine ADAudit Plus that made it possible for users to inject malicious JavaScript into the username field of the product.

We have released ADAudit Plus build 7100, that fixes the issue by sanitizing the XSS payload.


The vulnerability in ADAudit Plus allows users to inject malicious JavaScript into the username section of certain reports within the product. When the reports are loaded, the injected script will be executed. This type of vulnerability poses a significant risk potentially leading to data exfiltration, system compromise, or other malicious activities.

Steps to upgrade

Upgrade your ADAudit Plus instance to the latest build 7100, using the service pack.


This issue was reported by Ryan through the Zoho BugBounty program.

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