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Download ADAudit Plus - Free Edition

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus offers just a single download file for all its editions. When installed for the first time, its Professional edition is installed. This will allow unrestricted access to all features of the product for the first 30 days, the default evaluation period. After this period, ADAudit Plus will automatically downgrade to Free edition. This edition never expires, and will allow you to audit and report on up to 25 workstations only. The Free edition will allow you to view the older reports on domain controllers, file servers, and Windows servers based on the data collected during the evaluation period, but won’t collect fresh data nor generate new reports on them. See here for details on the various editions available.

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  • Windows (SHA256)
  • 64 bit.exe 02DA02C285EDFE6C8A4AABC19014BB20B5FC1DE750CE01562B9B128B4C0D2D4B
  • 32 bit.exe 41CDF9AE6FD96BFAD624CE8F012FD3FDF1CE5EF8D777EA648FABB488644D0C90
Free Trial Edition Standard Edition Professional Edition
  • Free edition never expires.
  • Complimentary 25 Workstations audit.
  • No fresh data will be collected after 30 days (excludes Workstations).
  • Reports generation from event log data collected during evaluation / license period.
  • 24x5 Live technical support.
  • Fully functional for 30 days from the date of installation.
  • Event log data audited from: 5 Domain Controllers / 2 File Servers / 1 NetApp Filer / 10 Member Servers / 100 Workstations.
  • 24x5 Live technical support.
  • Fully functional for the license term.
  • Event log data audited from licensed number of Domain Controllers / File Servers / Member Servers / NetApp Filers / Workstations.
  • 24x5 Live technical support.
  • All Standard Edition features.
  • Group Policy Settings Audit.
  • Old & New Value of all Attribute Changes of AD Objects.
  • Old & New Value of Permission Changes for OU / Users / Group / Computer / GPO.
  • Support for MS SQL Server as backend database.
  • 24x5 Live technical support.

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