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How to generate report on account lockout details

Account lockouts, harmless as they seem, are red alerts for IT administrators. It could be a user who just forgot their password, but it could also be an unauthorized person trying to crack the password to break into that user's account. Therefore getting the details of account lockouts become crucial to ensure the integrity of the network.

Both Windows PowerShell and ADAudit Plus can get you account lockout details. However, PowerShell simply lists the information that you have asked for while ADAudit Plus, a powerful auditing and reporting tool can analyze and process information from various sources in Active Directory to produce comprehensive and user-friendly reports.

Here is a comparison between finding the source of an account lockout using Windows PowerShell and ADAudit Plus

Using Windows PowerShell

Steps to get users' logon history:

  • Find the domain from which you want the report.
  • Identify the attributes you need in your report.
  • Locate the primary DC which has the information you want.
  • Write the code. A sample code has been appended to the end of this section.
  • Compile the script.
  • Execute it in Windows PowerShell.
  • The report will be exported in the format chosen in the script.
  • To get the report in a different format, modify the script accordingly.

Here is a sample script:

Get-AccountLockoutStatus -ComputerName DC1 -Username Sarah | Export - csv -path C:Accountlockoutreport.csv -NoTypeInformation
Click to copy entire script

Using ADAudit Plus

To obtain the report,

  • Go to Reports>User Management>Account Lockout Analyzer.
  • Select the relevant domain and OU.
  • Click Export to export the report in the various formats listed (CSV, PDF, HTML, CSVDE, XLSX).



The limitations of using Windows PowerShell to get reports on account lockout details:

  • We can run this script only from the computers which has Active Directory Domain Services role.
  • Adding more filters would increase the complexity of the script.
  • Exporting the report in different formats would require modification of the script.
  • The PowerShell script only provides limited information.

ADAudit Plus scans all the DCs in the domain and generates a detailed report on user account lockouts. It also continuously inspects the network for changes and generates a variety of over 200 other pre-packaged reports. It also gives real-time alerts in case of suspicious activity on the network. ADAudit Plus is a powerful auditing and reporting tool that helps to keep your network secure by constantly monitoring all network activity.

  • Avoid complex PowerShell-scripting, and simplify AD change auditing with ADAudit Plus.
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