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Windows Server Auditing tool

ADAudit Plus with its complete audit reporting features enables an administrator to keep tab of the Windows File share access information of domain users. Securely track user activity, view user logon duration by viewing and scheduling reports. The reports are displayed as easy-to-understand, detailed graphical information. Choose from the many Windows Server reports and get Active Directory alerts in your inbox of the authorized / unauthorized events.

Benefit from the Powerful Audit Reports & Alerts

ADAudit Plus with its complete audit reporting features enables an administrator to keep tab of the access information of domain users.

Custom Report for Active Directory Audit
Report Profiles
The administrator is presented with a host of preconfigured reports and all an administrator has to do is, select the report, to view the simple, yet detailed report information as simple graphs and structured data, emphasizing on every access logged. When in need of further 'filtered' reports, an administrator can also configure/create Report Profiles.
Alert Profiles via email
ADAudit Plus further unburdens the administrator's call of duty with another amicable solution, 'Alerts' by generating critical alarms based on certain events in the Report profile. Upon a change/unauthorized access being logged, an email notification is sent to the administrator(s), enabling him to take caution. Alert Profiles are preconfigured and vigilant upon installation, an administrator can also configure/create custom Alert Profiles that suits his requirement.
Alert Profiles for audit alerts
Schedule Active Directory audit reports

Scheduling of Reports

With the scheduling of reports, an administrator can schedule reports, choosing from a reporting frequency of hourly, daily weekly so on and receive periodically the reports to the listed recipients, with options to export the reports to desired formats XLS, CSV, PDF and HTML. These 4 common data storage/share formats aid with the ease of sharing change audit reports across the world.

With ManageEngine ADAudit Plus, For an Administrator, monitoring a Windows Server will be a cakewalk.

Other ADAudit Plus Features

Active Directory Audit and Compliance

Auditing Active Directory changes helps organizations to be compliant with regulatory requirements. Learn how ADAudit Plus change audit software can help with data on security audits.

Audit User Management Actions

Keep tabs on what your users do. Study recent changes done by them. Maintain accountable / historical data of user and administrator actions.

Windows File Server Auditing in Microsoft Server Environment

Centrally Track-Audit-Secure the Windows File Server files; securely monitor and report the authorized / unauthorized document access, file/folder structure changes, shares and access permissions.

Schedule Active Directory change reports

Schedule event log data extraction, view them as reports on the ADAudit Plus web interface, also configure them to be emailed to specified users at desired times.

Track User Logon Actions

Audit and monitor logon actions of users including logon hours, peak logon times and more. ADAudit Plus reports facilitate effective monitoring / tracking of user logon.

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