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Libro achieves enhanced User Management with ManageEngine ADManager Plus

About Company

Libro Financial Group is a London and Ontario (Canada) based financial company which has been in operation since early 1950s. The institution scores a decent annual growth of around ten percent and retains an asset value of more than $1 billion. With over 50 years of concrete excellence in the field of banking, the institution is operated by a community of customers-transformed-owners.

Libro delivers a complete range of financial products, information and advice through channels that are convenient, secure and comfortable to its customers belonging to all walks of life. The institution works meticulously to contribute to the well-being of the persons, families, enterprises and communities it serves.


Libro Financial Group


Banking and Financial


London, Ontario.

Business challenges

For any financial institution, security and risk management are priority requisites. And at Libro, which treats its customers as owners, every aspect of security is dealt with utmost precaution to avoid any kind of transactional flaw. Financial Data needs to be protected against malicious usage by intruders. With multiple user accessed systems, proper permissions need to be set to ensure that only the right user has access to critical information and other system resources. With a clear vision to be southwestern Ontario's preferred source for quality financial service, promotion of security and effective management of users were realized as major challenges by Libro.

"It happens to be a real tough job to keep a track on the user permissions related to their access of the printer and USB ports on Systems with multiple user access. We badly needed an option to create flexible policies for our users and devices.", said Andrew Tennant, MCSE, ITP, Libro Financial Group.


Libro was in need of a solution that would enable creation of flexible policies for users and devices, along with an inherent ability to generate reports extensively. In its quest for such a software, Libro examined a variety of solutions offered by Policy Maker, NetIQ, etc. These software neither supported all the features that were needed nor was their reporting capability exceptional. Eventually Libro decided on ManageEngine ADManager Plus which also extended a good number of customizable solutions. To its surprise, issues like multiple user access, resource allocation and policy settings were resolved instantaneously by ADManager Plus.

"ADManager Plus has good reporting features, plugs into many parts of AD and other information systems. The ability for other members of the team to manage the console, is yet another advantage of the product.", explained Andrew Tennant, Libro Financial Group.

With ADManager Plus in hand, Libro could actively enforce all essentials of an effective User Management System and also ensure security, without actually burning a hole in its pocket.

ADManager Plus Advantage

There were many reasons that contributed to Libro's choice of ManageEngine ADManager Plus. Amongst them, the most prominent one was ADManager Plus' ability to handle multiple users with its sound Bulk User Management feature. Reporting was yet another convincing aspect, that was crafted to reduce the IT administrator's burden. The product also offered a bundle of essential features like Report Scheduling, web-based UI, Compliance Support, etc available as a single comprehensive package, at a highly competitive price.

Along with an effective User Management, ADManager Plus also helped Libro achieve hassle-free Domain and Exchange Migrations.

"ADManager Plus helped us to a great extent during our Exchange Migration. We were able to ensure that we had perfect mailboxes, aliases, and mailbox associations." remarked Andrew Tennant of Libro Financial Group.

Apart from these key features, Libro found good use of the product in identifying and resolving issues related to locked out users. With enhanced options that allowed customization, user/device based policies could be formulated and applied to meet individual scenarios. And all this led to a decent security tracking, that happens to be an important factor for any financial institution's reputation.


ManageEngine ADManager Plus, was able to cater to most of Libro's requirements on Active Directory Management. Libro was able to feel a notable difference in its User Management Process after the deployment of ADManager Plus. Not only was the process automated, but also was greatly simplified by the product. The extensive list of reports offered remarkable assistance in keeping track of Active Directory objects and data. Specialized reports on stale/inactive users helped ward-off unwanted accounts along with the unforeseen security issues related to their existence ; hence making even critical issues like security and compliance to be handled with ease and elegance.

Today at Libro, Active Directory is solely managed by an IT Administrator. He is now looking forward to the usage of ADManager Plus by his colleagues in the Operations Team, and thereby reduce his workload in return.

"I would like to get our operations team to use it to create templates for user accounts, so that they can create new accounts more efficiently.", exclaimed Andrew with a lot of confidence on ADManager Plus' easy to use UI.

The rich set of features and an affordable price tag makes ADManager Plus distinct among its competitors. With such a powerful tool in hand, Libro financial group is now all set to reach its goal of delivering the best financial services to all its "owners". Thanks to ManageEngine ADManager Plus.

ADManager makes things quick and easy while reporting on your AD infrastructure, and is quite helpful in project management.

Andrew Tennant MSCE ITP, Libro Financial Group.

About ADManager Plus

ADManager Plus is an identity governance and administration (IGA) solution that simplifies identity management, ensures security, and improves compliance. With ADManager Plus, manage the user life cycle from provisioning to deprovisioning, run access certification campaigns, orchestrate identity management across enterprise applications, and protect data on your enterprise platforms with regular backups. Use over 200 reports to gain valuable insights into identities and their access rights. Improve the efficiency of your IGA operations with workflows, automations, and role-based access control policies. ADManager Plus' Android and iOS applications help with on-the-go AD and Azure AD management. For more information about ADManager Plus, visit

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