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Town Auto group saves time, money, and resources thanks to ADManager Plus

About Town Auto Group

Town Auto group is a retail automotive company that was founded in the 1980's by Tom Barros, who started with a single Toyota dealership. He expanded his business and established the "Town" brand as he opened new dealerships. The company takes pride in its core value: "Treating others well, with honesty and respect, supporting the local community, and operating with transparency."

Town's business challenge

Having to create a large number of Active Directory (AD) user accounts proved to be a hassle for the Town Auto group. The IT admins found that AD's manual process was laborious; each user account had to be created separately.

The IT admins at Town also had to deal with access permissions set by each of the organization's departments separately when sorting user accounts into various groups during the user account creation process.


Town Auto Group




United States

Sanchez said,

I?ve noticed far fewer human errors and a faster turn around time for creating a user?s account and email.

How ADManager Plus alleviated Town's user account management burden

Town's AD user account management hassle was resolved when ADManager Plus was installed. The solution, which was easy and cost-effective to install and deploy, included a powerful bulk user creation functionality that significantly reduced the turnaround time to create a user and email accounts, according to Luis Sanchez, IT administrator at Town.

Permission management also became an easy task for Town thanks to ADManager Plus' group modification templates. These enable the IT team to create predefined modification rules which can easily be applied to the user accounts without having to manually set permissions every time.

When asked about the support, Sanchez was happy and satisfied at how ManageEngine Support resolved all their questions. Sanchez said he also appreciated that ADManager Plus has been working fantastic for them, and he has had no issues with the solution.

About ADManager Plus

ManageEngine ADManager Plus is a web-based Windows AD management and reporting solution that helps AD administrators and help desk technicians efficiently accomplish their day-to-day activities. With an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, ADManager Plus handles a variety of complex tasks and generates a comprehensive list of AD reports, some of which are essential requirements to satisfy compliance audits. The solution also helps administrators manage and report on their Exchange Server, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace environments in addition to AD, all from a single console.

Apart from AD management and reporting, using ADManager Plus gives organizations such as Dubai Developments powerful automation and delegation functionalities that they can use to simplify the AD management process through hands-free user onboarding, automated AD cleanup, email and SMS alerts on AD changes, and role-based access management.

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