Copy User Attributes

    This feature helps you create or modify an Active Directory user account by copying the attributes of another user account. Further, this feature also gives you the flexibility to select the attributes that you wish to copy, instead of copying all the attributes.

    Apart from creating and modifying user accounts, you can use this feature to create new user creation and modification templates as well.


    • Click the Copy User Attributes button.

      This option is available in the following features: Create Single User, User Creation Templates, Modify Single User, and User Modification Templates.

    • In the copy object window that opens up, select the user account whose attributes you wish to copy. Use the search option placed at the top of the window to locate the desired user easily.
    • Click the Copy button. This will copy all the attributes of the selected user and display the copied values in the corresponding fields/attributes in the page. To copy only specific attributes from the user account, click the Select Attributes icon; this icon appears beside the display name of a user, when you place the mouse pointer over the user's name.
    • Before copying, if you wish to view the attributes that will be copied:
      • Click the desired user account's display name; you can now see all the copied attributes.
      • To add/remove the attributes from the list, click the attributes to copy link and select the necessary attributes.
      • Click Apply to copy the selected attributes, and populate the corresponding fields in the creation/modification page.

    Select Attributes for Copying

    This option helps you choose the attributes that you wish to copy from a user account. Once you pick a set of attributes, the same set of attributes is copied during every 'copy' operation. However, you can edit your selection whenever needed.

    To select the attributes to be copied,

    • In the copy object window, click the Select Attributes icon; this icon is displayed beside the user's display name when you point the mouse over it. You can now see the list of attributes that have been copied.
    • Click the attributes to copy drop down menu, select the required attribute categories (General, Account, Contact, Terminal, etc.) using the corresponding check boxes. Click OK.
    • Select the desired attributes from the list displayed. Click Apply to copy and populate these fields.
    • This selection is used for all 'copy' operations (for creating.modifying a user and also for creating user creation/modification template).
    • If all the attributes in a category are selected, the check box of that corresponding attribute will have a tick mark inside it. If only specific attributes of a category are selected, there will be a solid square inside the check box instead of a tick mark. The checkbox will be empty, if no attribute is selected.
    • The attributes selected are technician/user specific. That is, if a technician selects a specific set of attributes, only those attributes will be copied every time the technician uses the copy feature.

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