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ManageEngine ADSolutions Vs Quest (formerly Dell Quest)

ADSolutions is an umbrella term for a set of ManageEngine tools that simplify identity and access management (IAM). Quest also offers a range of IAM solutions. This document compares IAM solutions for Windows environments offered by ManageEngine ADSolutions and Quest.

Features Description ManageEngine ADManager Plus Quest ActiveRoles
Active Directory Account Management
User Life Cycle Management Create, manage and delete user accounts, computers, groups and contacts in Active Directory
User account deprovisioning Delete user accounts when they become inactive or disabled or get expired
Restore deleted users in bulk Restore deleted users in Active Directory
Group life cycle management Create and manage security and distribution groups in Active Directory
Computer life cycle management Create and manage computers in Active Directory
Restore deleted computers Restore deleted computers in bulk
Contact life cycle management Create and manage contacts in Active Directory
Bulk provisioning / reprovisioning with CSV import Create users, computers, groups and contacts and edit their attributes in bulk by importing them from a CSV file
Template based provisioning / reprovisioning Create custom templates with common attributes for provisioning / reprovisioning of users, computers, groups and contacts
Active Directory Reporting

Predefined reports

  • User, computer, group reports
  • Contact, OU, password reports
  • NTFS reports
  • Exchange reports
  • Office 365 reports
  • Google Workspace reports
  • Skype for Business reports

Doesn't support Google Workspace / Google Workspace

Purpose-built reports for SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA and ISO
Export reports
Schedule report generation and email delivery
Printing directly from reports *
Perform management tasks from reports *
Exchange Mailbox Management
Bulk Exchange mailbox provisioning Create Exchange mailboxes in bulk by importing a CSV file
Bulk mailbox reprovisioning / deprovisioning Modify attributes of mailboxes in bulk or delete mailboxes in bulk
Bulk mailbox migration Migrate Exchange mailboxes from one Exchange version to another in a single click
Shared, room, equipment, and remote mailbox provisioning Create shared, remote, room, and equipment mailboxes
Help Desk Delegation
Role-based secure delegation Delegate different tasks to a particular user with a scope limited to specific organizational units and also track their activities
Technician audit reports Track actions of help desk technicians
Admin audit reports Track actions of administrators
Active Directory Workflow
Customizable workflow Build a workflow structure, with required number of workflow agents based on your needs
Active Directory Automation
Complete automation of vital AD tasks Automate crucial and repetitive Active Directory tasks
Automate AD processes Automate a complete process such as AD clean up
Workflow-controlled automation Implement workflow for controlled automation
Other Platforms
Office 365 Office 365 management & reporting
Google Workspace / Google Workspace Google Workspace management & reporting
Skype for Business (Lync / LCS / OCS) Skype for Business (Lync / LCS / OCS) management & reporting
Additional Features
File Server management Add file servers in your network and manage their NTFS and share permissions
GPO management Create GPO objects and link them to computer and user objects
AD Search & Employee Search Search Active Directory for users, computers, groups and employees' contact information *
Mobile apps
iOS app  
Android app  
Licensing criteria Licensing based on No. of domains+help desk technicians. Unlimited no. of AD objects can be managed. No. of objects
Pricing Price of the products Starts at $495 On a much higher end

* Could not find sufficient information regarding the availability of this feature

Conclusion: ManageEngine ADSolutions and Quest solutions are both well-equipped to take care of your IAM needs in Windows environment and offer a similar feature set. They differ mainly in the following areas:

  • ADSolutions products are known for their easy installation capabilities. Installing Quest solutions is time consuming and one may require assistance for the same.
  • ADSolutions offers flexibility in licensing. For example, in the case of ADManager Plus, you can choose the licenses based on number of domains and help desk technicians deployed, or the number of workflow requesters, and allows unlimited no. of AD objects to be managed. Most Quest solutions are licensed based on the number of objects to be managed.
  • ADSolutions products are priced much lower than any Quest product, without compromising on the feature set.
  • ADSolutions products can be purchased individually or as a single unified software portfolio AD360, which contains various ADSolutions products. AD360 can be further customized as per an organization's specific requirements. Quest solutions have to be purchased individually.

Disclaimer: The comparison juxtaposes the features of ManageEngine ADSolutions suite of products and Quest suite of products based on the publicly available information as of January 15, 2016. The data provided could vary in the actual products.


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