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Bulk provisioning

Bulk provisioning of Active Directory user accounts in Educational Institutions.

The bulk provisioning of user accounts in Active Directory is one most timing consuming tasks for a IT technician in any college/university. It also involves a lot of follow up tasks such as disabling the user accounts, and deleting them before they go stale.

The exact requirement/objective would be:

  1. In January when students join new user accounts should be created
  2. In October when students graduate the accounts should be disabled
  3. In December delete the accounts

ADManager Plus’ automation helps automate the crucial active directory routines in Active Directory. In this context the video below will help understand how automation helps in the management of user object life cycle.

What ADManager Plus can do for you..

Active Directory routines With ADManager Plus Without ADManager Plusl
CSV based bulk provisioning of users
Fetch need-based reports without scripts
Templates based user creation to update attributes that are constant across many users.
Scriptless tracking of old and unused accounts
Delegate tasks & propel them through supervision points to ensure security
Single step AD cleanup
Automation of the entire set of user account management tasks

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