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Going Beyond Plain Virtualization Monitoring

Abstract: Virtualization is one of the hottest IT trends among businesses today. It is a disruptive technology that has challenged traditional IT infrastructures and changed the way business works with IT. This white paper discusses the new challenges faced by organizations in managing virtual environments and why IT teams need to look beyond traditional monitoring tools if they are to overcome these challenges.

This paper also discusses the virtualization monitoring capabilities of ManageEngine Applications Manager and how it can be effectively utilized to manage virtual environments.

Integrated Performance Management for Physical, Virtual and Cloud Infrastructure

Abstract: As organizations look for ways to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase scalability, cloud computing and virtualization are playing a vital part in their IT strategies. However, these new technologies also present new challenges for organizations in the areas of application monitoring and application performance.

This white paper discusses the performance management strategies that IT departments should consider to ensure their services meet business goals.

Application Performance Management for Enterprise Applications

Abstract: Enterprise applications need high scalability to cater to large end user base. IT Teams in such organizations face the challenging task of monitoring these application performance and ensure high uptime while scaling to meet business requirements.

This white paper talks about those challenges faced by IT Operations and how ManageEngine Applications Manager can help resolve this conundrum.

Business Impact of Application Performance Problems

Abstract: Issues with the performance of business-critical applications can cause deterioration of an organization's business performance. Slow or not readily available applications that support key business processes can cause revenue loss as well as decline in customer satisfaction, employee productivity or brand reputation.

This white paper discusses the challenges faced by organizations in effectively gauging the business impact of application performance problems and the capabilities needed to address those challenges.

Application Visibility - A Recipe for Conducting Successful Virtualization Projects

Abstract: Organizations are increasingly striving to improve their utilization of their enterprise infrastructure. With proper tools, IT Team can gain more management flexibility and ensure the successful delivery of business-critical data to end-users. One such key strategy is implementation of virtualization.

This white paper discusses the benefits and challenges of virtualization and how ManageEngine Applications Manager help monitor the performance of these virtual environments easily.

Four Keys for Monitoring Cloud Services

Abstract: As organizations are becoming increasingly interested in leveraging cloud computing services to improve flexibility and scalability of the IT services delivered to end-users, they face the following challenge: decreased visibility into the performance of services being delivered to their end-users.

This white paper discusses those challenges faced and how ManageEngine Applications Manager's cloud monitoring capability enables these organizations overcome them while moving towards cloud-based services.

End User Experience Measurement is Critical for your Business: Managing Quality of Experience

Abstract: Organizations are now seeking not only to reduce time needed to resolve performance issues as they happen, but also to take actions to prevent these problems before they disrupt key business processes. For this reason, organizations are increasingly moving away from a network-centric approach and are striving to measure the level of application performance as measured by the end-users.

This white paper discusses the need to monitor the business impact of managing application performance, the different techniques available for end-user monitoring as well as the capabilities needed to effectively measure end-user experience.

Website Monitoring for Webmasters

Abstract: Any Webmaster knows how irritating it feels to be notified at 2 AM that their website is not accessible. Home pages being too slow or irate users who are unable to complete their web transactions are detrimental to business.

This whitepaper deals with tools the Webmaster needs, which will help them monitor critical parameters of their websites and help ease their day-to-day activities.

Get insight into Application Silos

Abstract: Enterprises depend heavily on IT to drive their businesses. Frequently changing business processes and a heterogeneous application infrastructure make it even more difficult for operations to maintain business critical web applications.

This whitepaper discusses some of the common problems faced by SMBs and explains with an example of how ManageEngine Applications Manager detects and help troubleshoot the performance problem quickly.

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