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Monitoring cloud applications and containers

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Sept 11th, 2019
6am GMT & 11am EDT
Duration: 1 Hour

Optimal monitoring of cloud infrastructure will help you ensure availability and efficiency of your cloud services. This training will guide you on how you can leverage Applications Manager to gain insight into the availability, health, and performance of your hybrid cloud and container infrastructures.


  • AWS cloud and the need to monitor its services

    Learn how to keep track of various AWS performance metrics.

  • Monitoring the Azure cloud services

    Track vital stats of your azure cloud services and ensure data availability.

  • The era of containers: Kubernetes and Docker

    Monitor docker and kubernetes parameters for effective container optimization.

  • Resource planning for the cloud infrastructure

    Learn how to automate resource allocation and improve the operational efficiency of your cloud resources.


  • Name : Varsha.R
  • Role : Content writer
  • Experience : 1.5 years
    • Name : Varsha.R
    • Role : Content writer
    • Experience : 1.5 years

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