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Uplevel your cloud performance monitoring strategy

These are the questions asked during "Uplevel your cloud performance monitoring strategy" training.


  • What is an access key and where can we get it? Access keys are long-term credentials for an IAM user or the AWS account root user. You can use access keys to grant programmatic access to your resources. Refer this link for more information about AWS Access key:
  • Can we add APM Insight agent in the application running on containers?Yes, we can install APM Insight agent in applications running on containers. If the containers are migrated from one node to another, APM Insight automatically creates a new monitor and monitors the applications running on the new nodes now.
  • Can Applications Manager be installed in AWS EC2? Yes, the Applications Manager can be installed in AWS EC2. By default, the credentials given are 'admin', but if you are installing it in AWS EC2, the credentials would be the Instance ID.
  • Can I get pod details in Kubernetes monitor?Yes, you can get the pod details for Kubernetes under the 'Pods' tab available in the Kubernetes monitor.

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