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Database monitoring essentials

These are the questions asked during database monitoring essentials training.


  • Can we monitor user login/logout information? Applications Manager doesn't audit user login/logout details. However, you can view the list of users currently logged into the SQL instance.34
  • Can we monitor changes made by users? Changes made by users can be monitored using SQL audit. SQL audit is a part of our roadmap and it is expected to be available by the end of Q4 this year or by Q1 2019.
  • Can we generate reports for poor performing SQL queries, based on time? Yes. To generate and export reports, go to SQL monitor details page.34Under performance tab, select the duration as "Custom time period" and choose the required time.
  • How does Applications Manager monitor databases and servers without installing agents?Applications Manager uses WMI/SSH/Telnet/SNMP to collect data from servers. For monitoring databases, it programmatically connects to the database via JDBC, executes queries to give us the required data and logs off. These actions are performed periodically based on the poll interval selected by the user.
  • Is buffer cache hit ratio critical, if the threshold value reaches 90% ? For buffer hit ratio,34higher the value, better it is. Threshold > 95% , indicates that query results have been fetched from buffer. Threshold > 95%, indicates that your SQL server is under memory pressure.
  • How can we configure long-running queries for Oracle? 34You can configure long-running queries for Oracle using Query monitor. To monitor the top 10 long-running queries that are currently active in Oracle database, use the following query:
    select sid,serial#,a.sql_id,opname,sql_text,(elapsed_seconds/60) as elapsed_time_min from v$session_longops a,v$sql b where a.sql_id=b.sql_id and a.sofar!=a.totalwork and ROWNUM >= 10 order by elapsed_time_min desc
  • What is to be done when the SQL memory is under pressure? When the memory is under pressure, you can either increase the system physical memory or the memory allocated to SQL. This cannot be done based on buffer hit ratio alone. It is essential to consider other factors like page reads, free pages, etc. as well.
  • Where can we check our license details? You can find licensing details from product web client. Go to: Admin tab -> Support -> License Information table ->34Currently Used : Number of Monitors34field.
  • Is it possible to configure alerts via mail or SMS in the mobile application? Yes. Applications Manager helps you configure alerts via e-mail, SMS and push notification in mobile application as well. For more information, refer :

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