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Demystifying application performance monitoring

These are the questions asked during Demystifying application performance monitoring training.


  • Does APM Insight agents monitor transactions of web applications that are connected to an external database instance? Also, how are the database calls traced? The APM Insight agent listens to the transactions happening in the application server which in turn communicates with its respective database. The database calls from the application to its database would still be occurring via the application code only. Therefore, with the agent in the application server, these communications can be identified and traced.
  • Can we automate the help desk tickets using Applications Manager?Yes, we can automate help desk tickets by integrating with ServiceDesk Plus (SDP). Refer the following link to learn more:
  • Does Applications Manager monitor JIRA applications?Yes, you can monitor JIRA applications in Applications Manager using APM Insight Java agent. Refer the following link to know more:
  • How many agents would be needed if the website to be monitored runs on multiple applications like Java, Node.js, .NET, etc?In APM Insight, each application server requires one monitor. For example, lets say you have two servers that are hosting applications running on Node.js and another two servers that run on IIS+DotNET application server, this set up it will require four monitors in total.

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