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Get a 30-day free trial of Professional & Enterprise Editions

Click a link below to download a 30-day trial of ManageEngine End User Monitoring Agent.

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The binaries are the same for Professional and Enterprise editions. Please read and accept the License Agreement before downloading this software.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Are there different downloads for different editions and languages?

    The download file is the same for Professional and Enterprise editions. There is a separate download file for Cloud Starter Edition. Compare the various editions of Applications Manager.

    During Applications Manager installation, you can choose to install the Free Edition or 30-day trial of the Professional/Enterprise Editions. Likewise, while installing you can choose the language.

    Note: Do take a look at the Windows Vs Linux Downloads blog. Compare the capabilities of Windows and linux variations before proceeding to download the product.

  • I have a problem in installation and starting of Applications Manager. What can I do ?

    Contact our technical support team - Toll Free Number : +1 - 925 - 924 - 9500
    E-mail: Also have a look at our troubleshooting tips.

  • What are the different languages in which Applications Manager is available?

    Applications Manager is available in English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, French, German, European Spanish, Korean, Hungarian & Traditional Chinese.

  • Are there any restrictions on the 30-day trial? What is the recommended edition to use during evaluation ?

    No, the Professional edition trial and Enterprise edition trial comes with all the functionalities, but for 30 days. It is recommended to try the 'Professional Edition' during evaluation.

  • I have Free Edition (I get to test five monitors - full time). But I now want to test other monitors too, how do I get a professional edition evaluation?

    Contact to receive an evaluation license.

  • How is Applications Manager licensed?

    Pricing of Applications Manager is based on number of monitors and the number of users who access the product web client to view the Reports and Operations Dashboards. A Monitor is a specific application instance, Server, Service or Web URL you want to monitor. For example, if you want to monitor 100 SQL Server installations in your network, the 100 SQL servers will be considered as 100 monitors. Users: It is the number of users who will need to access the Product Web Client. To know more - See FAQ

  • Should I download a 32-bit or 64-bit binary of Applications Manager?

    Well, it depends upon the OS architecture of the machine where you are trying to install Applications Manager.

    To find out the architecture of the OS you are using follow the steps below:

    Windows users (Windows 7 or Windows Vista):

    Click the Start button, right-click Computer and choose Properties. The architecture of the OS is mentioned under System Type. To find the same for different versions of Windows, refer Microsoft's guide.

    Linux users :

    Run the command uname -a.

    If the result shows i386/i486/i586/i686, it is a 32bit kernel whereas x86_64 GNU/Linux indicates that a 64bit Linux kernel is running.

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