Configure Mail Server

Mail servers are configured to send EMails to desired destinations. For instance, when you perform an action to send EMail for some alarms, you need to configure mail server through which mails are sent. Follow the given steps to configure mail server.

  1. In the Admin page, click Configure Mail Server.

  2. Provide the SMTP server name and the port number.

  3. Provide the EMail Address . It will be used as the Sender address when configuring actions.

  4. Provide the user name and password, if the SMTP server requires authentication details (Select the checkbox).

  5. For TLS Support in the mail server configuration, select TLS Authentication Enabled option.

  6. To enable Secure Connection(SSL), check the Secure Connection(SSL) Enabled checkbox.

  7. If the chosen mail server is down for some reasons, you have an option to configure a Secondary Mail Server that functions as a back up mail server. Check the Configure Secondary Mail Server checkbox.

    • Provide the SMTP server name & the Port number.
    • Provide the user name and password, if the SMTP server requires authentication.
  8. When configuring Mail Server in the Enterprise edition, you can allow the mail server configuration performed in the Admin server to propogate to all your Managed Servers. To enable this, check the Use same mail settings for all managed servers checkbox.

  9. Click Save to save the configuration.

The SMTP server is configured and all the e-mails will be sent through this server.

Note: To verify, SMTP access for Gmail from your Applications Manager installed system, you will need to run a telnet test, which will check that your computer can contact gmail SMTP servers. Enter telnet 465 (or 587) and check for any response.In case you fail to receive a response, we recommend contacting your system administrator to get the access.