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Real User Monitor (RUM) is a type of performance monitoring technology that captures and analyzes the digital user experiences of a website or application in real-time. It gives complete visibility into the real-time performance of a web application and provides accurate insight into the end-user experience. RUM provides deep insight into key performance metrics right from the initiation of the URL until the request is served back to the browser all of which helps the developers enhance the application to make it easy to use for the end users.

Applications Manager's Real User Monitoring tool aids you in providing a complete digital user experience monitoring solution for your web applications by obtaining real-time visibility into their performance behind-the-scene. It visualizes application interaction patterns and gives an in-depth understanding of problems that are affecting real-time users while accessing websites and applications. You also get to analyze application performance from every aspect like browser, platform, geography, ISP, etc., making it easier to identify and resolve problems/errors occurring in your application at the earliest.

In this help document, you will learn how to analyze and optimize your websites with the help of Applications Manager's Real User Monitor. Browse through the following topics to understand and monitor how end users perceive your websites: