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Real User Monitoring

Applications Manager's real user monitoring enables you to monitor and track real-user transactions in web applications and websites. Proactively analyze front-end performance of your websites and ensure hassle-free digital experiences.

Advantages of employing a tool for real user monitoring:

Capture and gain deep insights into real user transactions

Applications Manager's real user monitoring (RUM) tool captures real-time data of user interactions in your web applications. It tracks various key metrics to help you become aware of how your websites performs for your end users from different geographies. Our RUM monitoring tool allows you to:

  • Become aware of user satisfaction: Apdex score is a universal measure of user satisfaction. Get to know your Apdex score and gain insights into how seamless the digital experience was by analyzing whether users were satisfied, or frustrated.
    Real User Monitoring
  • Track overall response time: Tracking overall response time is crucial to ensure that your websites and web applications are loading and working efficiently for users across the world.
    Overall Response time includes various other component metrics such as DNS Time, Connection Time, Page Rendering Time, Document Rendering Time, Redirection Time, First Byte Time, Server Time, and Document Download Time. Tracking these RUM metrics can help you become aware of network bandwidth problems, and increased traffic in servers. You can also sort response times of websites based on the browsers and ISPs used by users.
    Real User Monitoring Tools
    RUM Monitoring

Track real user experiences across geographies

Get to know how your website and web applications perform for different users across various geographies. Discover the user experience quality and verify if users are satisfied or frustrated when they access your website from different countries. In addition, Applications Manager's real user monitor lists out the average response time, Apdex score, pageviews, and throughput for each geographic location.

RUM real user monitoring

Isolate web transactions that contribute to poor user experiences with a real user monitoring tool

With Applications Manager's real time user monitoring tool, track and monitor response time, throughput and the count of individual web transactions performed by users in your website and web applications.

Increased response times and decreased throughput are not only a sign of poorly optimized webpages, but they can also contribute to frustrated user experiences. Identifying and analyzing the slow transactions can help improve both website performance and ensure seamless digital experiences for users.

real-user monitoring
RUM tracker

Learn more about Applications Manager's synthetic monitoring capability and how it can help monitor synthetic transactions to ensure seamless experience for your web application users.

Gain comprehensive insights about domain resources with real-user monitoring

A website/ web application may contain several webpages that are comprised of various resources such as images, scripts, CSS, etc. With Applications Manager's real user management, track how each of these affects overall response times.

Become aware of how efficiently these different types of resources load from multiple (First party, Third Party and CDN) domains. Other metrics such as Average Resource Size and number of requests per domain are also available at your disposal. Analyzing these real user monitoring metrics can help you to optimize the performance of your websites for users across numerous geographical locations.

real user monitoring RUM
real time user monitoring

Keep track of real user sessions using RUM analytics

Monitor real user sessions to gain deep insights about individual user sessions in your websites. Get an overall idea of how well your website is performing at a single glance by taking a look at metrics such as Avg. Pages Navigated, Avg. Viewing Time, and Total Users. Analyze web transactions performed by users and get to know if the user experience was satisfactory.

real user experience monitoring
RUM software

Identify javascript errors instantly

Error-free websites and web applications enable smooth user experiences and contribute to increased customer satisfaction. With real user monitoring tools such as Applications Manager, identify and track errors in your webpage along with other information such as the error type, page, file and domain it occurred in.

Resolve these errors and tune the performance of your website/web application. Understand how these errors are affecting the users at a single glance by looking at the Total Count vs Affected Users graph.

RUM tools
RUM metrics

RUM monitoring with proactive alerts and smart reports

It is important to keep an eye on the overall response time of your websites for different regions to ensure seamless digital experiences for users. With Applications Manager's RUM monitoring, configure thresholds for important performance metrics and get instant alerts whenever thresholds are violated.

Use Applications Manager's dynamic reporting features to get visual trend reports to help you analyze the performance of your websites across different regions.

Get your own real user monitor in just a few minutes!

If you're looking for a proactive website real user monitoring tool to ensure hassle-free user experiences for your websites, set up RUM performance monitoring with Applications Manger now! Download a free, 30-day trial now!

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Dec 15, 2021
All in one monitoring solution!!

The tool offers complete and unified visibility into our environment and helps us identify and resolve potential performance issues quickly.

- CloudOps Manager
Industry:TelecommunicationCompany Size: 30B+ USD

KFin Technologies reduces MTTR by 90% using Applications Manager

Industry: Financial services

KFintech, a financial services industry, having access to a surplus amount of data, was pertinent for to ensure that the performance of its databases was on point. With Applications Manager, KFintech was able to gain end-to-end insight into essential transactions, identify slow-performing queries, eliminate recurring performance issues, and ensure uninterrupted service delivery.

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