Differences between Windows and Linux versions of Applications Manager

Although most of the Applications Manager features are supported on both the Windows and Linux versions, there are certain features which are only available in the Windows version. 

Features supported only in the Windows version

The Microsoft applications/servers listed below can be monitored only using the Windows version of Applications Manager. This is because the data collection happens through WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation):

Apart from these monitors, other features that are supported only in the Windows version are:

Event log rules: Any event can be monitored and notified when it occurs. This is useful when any application generates a failure event in the Windows Event log viewer. This is helpful in a way that the event log comes before the application actually crashes. This serves as a proactive mode of monitoring your applications and services.

NTLM authenticated URLs and Recording HTTP(s) Sequence/Real Browser Monitor(RBM): You can record the HTTP(s) sequence through Recorder.exe tool which works only from a Windows OS. However, you will be able to save the sequence to Applications Manager on a Linux OS.

  • In the Linux version of Applications Manager, Windows server monitoring is possible only through SNMP mode.
  • In the Linux Version of Applications Manager, IIS Server monitoring is not possible as it is done only through WMI mode.