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Learning heterogenous application monitoring

These are the questions asked during Learning heterogenous application monitoring training.


  • Are credentials required to view exported dashboards? Credentials are not required to view exported34dashboards. They can be embedded in your html page.34
  • What overhead does APM Insight cause on the application server and its backend database? Overhead depends on the number of transactions happening.34Our APM Insight application agent will use less than 5 % of monitored application server resources. There will be no load on the backend SQL34database.
  • Will APM support JBoss EAP 6? If so, how to add it? Jboss EAP or34Enterprise Application Platform346 will have Jboss Application Server version 7.x , which can be added in Applications Manager as Jboss version 7.x.
  • Can we get historic reports for APM Insight?In APM Insight, you can export the transaction performance reports as pdf up to 30 days.
  • Is connection to Java monitoring secure? SSL connection can be configured in the Java runtime argument with steps mentioned in the below link.

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