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Modernizing cloud and hyperconverged infrastructure monitoring

These are the questions asked during "Modernizing cloud and hyperconverged infrastructure monitoring" training.


  • Through Applications Manager, can we monitor the desktops and all the backend process running on the system? Yes. You can monitor the servers and the desktop as well, along with the process running in them. Details regarding the same is available in
  • Sometimes it happens that users are accessing the system and on the backend patch installation or some other services which lead to application slowness for the user. Would that be monitored as well?When the server CPU/Memory is high, we will display the list of top 10 processes which are consuming more Memory or CPU. So you will be able to find from the list to which the process is consuming more resources and is causing slowness.
  • How is Applications Manager better than the monitoring offered by AWS Cloudwatch or the likes of it?Applications Manager provides hybrid monitoring capabilities. It can monitor applications which are running inside the EC2 instance, performance of the AWS databases, etc., whereas Cloudwatch will monitor only the services that are provided by AWS.
  • Does Applications Manager also include automated actions or these are just health check alert systems?Applications Manager can perform automated actions like restarting VMs, EC2 instance, SQL Jobs, executing programs or scripts which can be used for remediation of problem. Refer here for more details:

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