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Monitoring application performance in real-time

These are the questions asked during "Monitoring application performance in real-time" training.


  • Does one need an add-on license for APM Insight? Yes, you need add-on license for enabling APM insight feature. You can refer this link for details about licensing FAQ:
  • Does APM Insight support Amazon Glacier? Yes, APM Insight offers support for Glacier.
  • How do I find the list of business transactions that have a high response time? There is a filter option available in the Applications Manager GUI. The steps are as follows: Go to APM Insight tab → Transactions → Click 'Average Response Time' to sort.
  • Does APM Insight support web applications deployed on JBoss Fuse? APM Insight does not support JBoss Fuse as of now. However, it is on our product roadmap.

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