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Enabling DevOps to optimize application performance

June 20th, 2018
11:30 AM EDT - Europe, US, Mexico, Canada
6:30 AM GMT - Asia, Middle East, Australia
Duration: 1 Hour

In this session, learn how to continually measure and optimise the performance and availability of your Java, .NET and Ruby on Rails applications. Understand how you can quickly locate and rectify common performance issues such as CPU spike, memory leaks, slow database calls, etc.

Your takeaway from this session:

  • Deep visibility into code

    Get details of all transactions executed with the application, summary of database operations, details about JVM usage, background transactions, application errors and exceptions as well as Apdex scores for measuring end-user satisfaction levels.

  • Identify code-level issues

    Understand the pattern of method invocation in a transaction, know which SQL query triggered a performance problem, and drill down to the exact line of problematic code.

  • Slow database query?

    Identify slow database calls, database usage, and overall performance of the database.


  • Name : Anugraha Benjamin
  • Role : Product Marketer

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