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Server and Infrastructure Monitoring

These are the questions asked during server and infrastructure monitoring training.


  • Does the number of user licenses limit the number of users that can be created? Yes, the number of user licenses purchased controls the number of users that can be created in Applications Manager console. Simultaneous login with same username is not recommended due to security reasons.
  • Can the dependancy map only be done with auto discovered servers? With Applications Manager, it is also possible to map the dependency between already discovered monitors manually.
  • Other than being an agent less monitoring tool, what are the advance/additional features that Applications Manager offers?Applications Manager is a server and application performance monitoring software that supports 100+ applications and infrastructure components including application servers, databases, ERP software, middleware/messaging components, web services, cloud & virtual resources from a single console.
    To know the other technologies supported, visit :
    To know the features supported, visit :
  • What privileges does Manager user role offer? Managers don't possess administrator privileges.They manage Service Level Agreements (SLA) through the SLA console and have a high-level view of the Business infrastructure.They have limited access when compared to users and operators.
  • Is it possible to import users using groups in Active Directory? Yes, it is possible to import users using groups in Active Directory.
  • What type of alarm actions does Applications Manager support? Applications Manager immediately notifies you when an alarm is generated. You can receive notifications via SMS, email, SDP Tickets, etc.
    For further details visit :
  • Is it possible to design work flow of healing? Yes, we can execute scripts like batch or shell or perl or powershell to include in your workflows.
  • Where can I find the type of credential required for each application?Guide for the type of credentials required for each application is available here:
  • What is CIDR ?CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing option, also called supernetting) is a set of Internet Protocol (IP) standards that is used to create unique identifiers for network and individual devices. This improves the allocation of IP addresses and is an replacement for the old system based on classes A,B, and C.
  • Does Applications Manager support Docker/Kubernetes infrastructures ? We support docker monitoring. Support for Kubernetes is on our roadmap. For more details about docker monitoring :
  • How does user management work for APM Plug-in? Applications Manager stand-alone version offers user roles like: admin, operator, delegated admin, users, managers, etc. Whereas the plug-in version offers only two roles: administrator and operator.

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