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4 strategies to deliver exceptional end user experience

These are the questions asked during 4 strategies to deliver exceptional end user experiencee training.


  • What happens in a PC that is executing tests with the EUM agent, if the network is in fault for several hours or days? What if the disk space is full due to the agent logs and the PC affected by the tests (monitor) is not working? The EUM agent is designed to rotate its logs every time monitors are polled and keep the disk space in check. However, if the agent is disconnected from the Applications Manager server, then that particular EUM Agent will be shown as down in Applications Manager if there is no data received from the EUM Agent for a while.
  • Can the URL Sequence monitor be used if the first step of accessing a website opens a pop up to log in?If the pop-up and the authentication mechanism is Basic Authentication, then it can be handled using the HTTP URL Sequence monitor. We have to check if there is an additional authentication for the popup URL. If the popup is part of the sequence, it can be recorded and monitored like other regular URLs in the monitor.
  • Will the URL Sequence monitor capture if a new window is opened after authentication? Yes, it will be captured in the URL sequence monitor. However if there is a need to swap between multiple windows and perform operations, then it is suggested to use
    Real Browser Monitoring.
  • Is it possible to generate HAR files to create a URL Sequence monitor? Yes, HAR files can be generated and uploaded in Applications Manager to create a URL Sequence Monitor. Refer the following link to learn more:
  • Does Applications Manager monitor SSL Certificates?Yes, Applications Manager monitors the SSL Certificates of your websites. Refer the following link for more information:
  • Does Applications Manager support Webpage Analyzer?Applications Manager will soon start supporting Webpage Analyzer. The feature will be out in a week or two.

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