Moving AssetExplorer to a new server


    If you are moving the existing AssetExplorer server to a new server, then follow the steps given below,


    1. Stop ManageEngine AssetExplorer service.

    2. Kindly upgrade AssetExplorer, if required. Refer to the link below to check if you are in the latest version;

    1. After the upgrade process, start and stop ManageEngine AssetExplorer service once.

    Note: If you are planning on performing multiple upgrades, please make sure to start and stop the application, and perform a backup before each and every upgrade.

    1. From command prompt, go to C:\ManageEngine AssetExplorer\bin and execute backUpData.bat command to start the data backup. For more information on performing a data backup, refer Backup Process.

    2. Install AssetExplorer on the new server.

    3. Copy the backup folder from the old server to [AssetExplorer-Home] of the new server.

    4. Restore the backed up data in the new server. For more information on restoring the backed up data, refer Restore Process.

    5. Start AssetExplorer Server once after restoring the data in the new server.


    Data can be restored only across same builds of AssetExplorer version. Check the build version by clicking the About link in the application or execute the file buildInfo.xml under <AssetExplorer Home>/server/default/conf directory in the command prompt.


    You can also download the earlier builds of AssetExplorer from the Archives website:



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