Credentials Library - Repository for Scan Credentials



    About Credentials Library


    Credentials Library houses various scan credentials technicians use for monitoring/scanning assets like workstations, servers, printers etc. Apart from serving as a repository for credential safekeeping this library allows technicians to configure - as well as edit - various scan credentials as and when needed. All the scan credentials associated with Asset Explorer will be stored in this library.



    Supported Credential Types and Protocols


    Credential Types Protocol Purpose
    Windows Scan Credentials WMI Protocol Scanning Windows Workstations/Servers
    Unix Scan Credentials Telnet/SSH Protocol Scanning Unix Workstations/Servers
    Device Scan Credentials SNMP V1/V2 Protocol Scanning devices like printer,router etc.
    VMware Device Specific Scan Credentials VMWare Protocol Scanning VMware devices
    Remote Access Credentials Depends on the type of Remote Control Tool being used Establishing remote connection with workstations


    Configuring Scan Credentials - using Credentials Library


    To configure Scan Credentials:

    1. Click on Add New Credential (available at the top-right corner)

    2. Select Credential Type (Windows WMI, Telnet/SSH Protocol, SNMP V1/V2, VMWare (OR) Remote Control)

    3. Provide a suitable Name and Description

    4. Enter the Username and Password

    5. For Telnet/SSH credentials specify:

      • Protocol - Telnet/SSH

      • Port Number - 22 by default
      • Public or Private Key based authentication
    6. For SNMP V1/V2 credentials specify:

      • SNMP Read Community Password

      • SNMP Port Number - 161 by default
      • Timeout (time after which connection would be terminated) - 5 secs by default
      • Retries (no. of attempts that can be made before Timeout happens) - 0 by default
    8. For VMWare credentials specify:
      • HTTPS Port - 443 by default

      • Timeout (time after which connection would be terminated) - 60 secs by default
    10. For Remote Control Credentials specify:

      • Specify anyone of the following: Domain (or) Username (or) Password

    11. Save the Credentials.


    • Remote Control Credentials need to be specified while establishing Remote Control with client machines. For more information on this, click Remote Control Tools.
    • Credentials configured using Credentials Library will be available for use under: Network Scan and Individual Scan.


    Configuring Scan Credentials: from Network Scan (or) Windows/Device Scan


    It is also possible to configure Scan Credentials from Network Scan (OR) Windows/Device Scan page using Add New Credential button. To know more about this, click on:



    Credentials configured using Credentials Library available under Network Scan (on left) and Individual Scan (on right) pages



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