Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management is a critical component of IT Asset Management. Software Asset Management in AssetExlporer includes software discovery, software license compliance, software forecasting and ensuring optimum usage of the bought licenses.

Know what is installed and who owns it!

Get complete visibility of software installed in your network. Keep track of the number of software licenses purchased, the software installations and the remaining licenses. Analyze software usage patterns and only buy licenses that you require.

Eliminate Security Threats

Users download and install unauthorized software onto their machines, leading to security risks and computer viruses in your network.

AssetExplorer detects illegal and unlicensed software, and alerts the technician at once. Grouping software into specific categories and types such as prohibited and shareware also prevents the use of unauthorized software, thereby reducing software related IT support.

Software License Management

Software License Management is an integral part of SAM. AssetExplorer supports software licenses such as,

  • OEM
  • Concurrent
  • CAL
  • Named User
  • Node Locked
  • Volume
  • Individual
  • Enterprise, Trial & Free

You can also keep track of the license agreements and report its expiry through notification e-mails.

Perform regular audits and be compliant

Is your organization ready for software vendor audits? With AssetExplorer, you can perform regular audits and ensure your installations do not exceed the available licenses. And if you want to quick-check the software compliance status, no problem! The flash chart in AssetExplorer uses color code to show the Under Licensed, Over Licensed and Compliant software.

Track unused software & optimize software deployment

Analyze the software usage pattern and decide about its renewal, upgrade or purchase of additional licenses. The usage pattern gives a list of frequently used, occasionally used and unused software. With these details, you can reduce cost by deploying the right software to the right employees.

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